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    xf86config can't find

    I am trying to get XFree86 4.4 set up on my laptop running Debian Woody. I downloaded the appropriate binaries and can run XFree86, but my config file is not kosher. So I ran xf86config, but I get an immediate error complaining that it couldn't load the library.

    Here's the hangup; when I downloaded 4.4 in tarball format, I put it in /usr/local/XFree86_4.4/i386-glibc22. I didn't want to overwrite anything important in case I needed to revert to earlier packages. So the xf86config binary is at /usr/local/XFree86_4.4/i386-glibc22/bin/xf86config, and the library lives at /usr/local/XFree86_4.4/i386-glibc22/lib/ of course. None of the docs I've read tell how to point the executable towards the true location of the libraries.

    Is there some command line option or environment variable that needs to be set, so that xf86config finds its libraries?

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    Never mind, I found the appropriate environment variable.

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