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    Configuring the default theme

    Hello friends,
    I am a Linux newbie. I am using SuSE Linux 7.1, and recently messed up with the settings:

    [This is when I was logged in AS ROOT]
    I was trying mix-and-match of different themes and styles from
    within the control panel, selected one, and applied the selection.

    Now whenever I login AS ROOT, nothing seems to work. Trying to open the control panel, and then navigating to "file associations" just closes the application.

    Trying to open the console terminal just similarly opens and closes down. So also many of the applications just open and immediately close down, including Konqueror.

    Also when I try to logout, the system freezes thereafter and I am not able to shutdown properly.

    So effectively I am not able to do anything meaningful when logged in as root.

    However, when I am logged AS A DIFFERENT USER, everything mentioned above works fine (it has a default theme and style setting).

    So I wanted to know how to reset to default theme and style settings for the ROOT user (USING TERMINAL CONSOLE AND BY EDITING CONFIGURATION FILES IF POSSIBLE), since it is the some conflict of theme and style (and not any other application or the kernel) which is causing this problem.

    Thank you and regards,

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    Log in as root in a text terminal and run this:
    rm -rf .qt
    That will reset all your QT settings. If that doesn't work, reset all your KDE settings as well with:
    rm -rf .kde*

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    Thank you Dolda2000. It effectively worked. :P


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