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    There is a night-stuff client for GNU/Linux, vice city is said to work in latest winex ( dunno if you said it :P ) and I thought that winex also had hitman as their "showoffgame" like it works in winex, now buy our product ifyou can see what I mean..

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    Hrm...Tommy Vercetti should shoot frozen bubbles at everyone instead of bullets....muwhahahah!

    /me looks at lordnothing.

    Someone who plays D&D?
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    I would if there was anyone left around here that played.. or if I had the money for the DMG and MM... if I could get those I'd write my own story and find some players.... but, for now I'm having to settle for NWN.... I also have *lots* of Rifts books.. some Elric! stuff.. Shadowrun 3 somewhere... VtM & V:dark ages... star wars d20... maybe one or two more..
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    Sauerbraten and Nexuiz, two great fps games with native Linux clients that I just found out about while googling "Good Linux Games". Nexuiz is a bit hefty on the system requirements but it's more than noticable in the quality of graphics. Both of them are free too. I've spent most of my time playing Sauerbraten, here are a couple of the screenshots from it, oh yeah it can go full screen, I just put it in a windows cause' I was doing other stuff at the same time and wanted to keep an eye on things.

    Sauerbraten Screenie 1
    Sauerbraten Screenie 2

    Also here is a website I found with a good directory of Linux games.

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    I tried Nexuiz but I couldn't stand the sound problems!

    I mainly play frozen-bubble but here's a list of some other awesome games in no paticular order.

    1)WARZONE2100. (I used to waste entire days playing someone online)
    2)Cannon Smash
    3)Half-Life on Wine

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    The Linux Game Tome is a huge resource for Linux games. Linux-Gamers is the other site I like. It focuses on high-quality Linux games.

    Here's a list of what games I've found worthwile enough to install and keep on my system:
    America's Army, Battlefield 1942 (run through Cedega), Battlefield Vietnam (also through Cedega), DropTeam, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, Gweled, Icculus Q3A, Jedi Knight II (through Cedega), Kolf, Konquest, Legends, Master of Orion (through DosBox), M*U*L*E* (through the VICE Commodore emulator), OO-Lite, Patience, PlanetPenguin Racer, PySol, Quake 3, Quake 4, Risk (through wine), Scorched3D, Elysee (through wine), Skip-Bo (through wine), Slune, SuperTux, Gnome Tali, Thunder and Lightning, Tremulous, Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

    All run natively unless otherwise noted. A few are commercial, but most are open-source or freeware. I also have a few standard KDE and Gnome games that come with any distro, TeamSpeak for voice chat, and the XQF server browser for finding online servers to connect to (limited number of supported games).
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    Lets not forget our Independent game developer companies as well..

    Savage and the Soon to be released Savage 2 Both have Linux Clients available. Savage 2 will be $30.00 available for online purchase only. I'm more than willing to support a company that sells a game with Native Linux support. by supporting these developers we can only hope to increase the market for quality native linux gaming.

    I also purchased alll the old Loki games I could find.. They ported quite a few classic games to Linux.

    Check the Loki Installer page for Windows games you can install natively to Linux...

    I also enjoy bzflag for a quick online FPS fix..

    Of course I have the Quake, Doom, UT series installed natively as well

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    Check out the Free Software games blog/list (by moi) found here:

    Lots of quality Free Software games at your disposal! Not to mention regular updates.

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