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    List of good linux games

    Right now I mainly play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The fact that they released a native linux version and that it's free is just awesome. Along with the fact that the game is awesome in itself. You can check it out at

    Being fairly new to linux I don't know that many other games, mainly because I don't know where to look. Please list any you've found. I want games!

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    Well, there is Quake 3 Arena, but I don't think you can buy it anymore from loki, but i'm sure you can find other ways to get it. There is a Mod of that game called Navy Seals Covert Operations, can be downloaded free from

    There are others like

    Alpha Centauri - Alien Crossfire
    Heavy Gear 2
    Sim City 3000

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    Not on par with Wolf and Quake, but I found a listing (20 pages) of some more basic games. Some definitely look a bit cheesy, but there are some real treasures here too. Like a remake of the old Bust-A-Move for N64.
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    I just realised they make a version of ZSnes for linux....w00t! I love snes...

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    Try UT. The original UT has a linux installer on the GoTY edition (and probably the others). And you can dl and install UT2K3 for linux.
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    Americas Army is available for Linux as well. Can't check where from cos work blocks games sites. Just as well really :P

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    The power of Google hey Americas Army ->

    EDIT: And there is

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    thanks! I already had UT GotY but I didn't realize it worked in linux...and americas army! I used to play that game alot...I'll have to try it again now.

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    The UT2003 installer for Linux is on the 3rd CD. Copy the installer to the home directory first then make sure you disable SUPERMOUNT if you are using it and umount any cdrom before you start the installer.

    The UT2003 also has an UPDATE program that will update your Linux UT2003 with the latest patches and bonus packs.

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    You shoud check out stratagus (formerly known as freecraft before blizzard demanded a name change), its a warcraft 2 clone. Great game, and multiplayer support aswell.

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