I got IceWM to fully install (on slackware 10.1) and whatnot, but it made default folders in my /usr directory even though it said if its not in $HOME it won't work. So i made a .icewm folder in /home and saved

# .xinitrc

# run profile to set $PATH and other env vars correctly
. $HOME/.bash_profile

# setup background
xsetroot -solid '#056'

# setup mouse acceleration
xset m 7 2

# run initial programs
xterm &

# start icewm, and run xterm if it crashes (just to be safe)
exec icewm || exec xterm -fg red


As icewm.xinitrc

did xwmconfig in terminal and made icewm my default window manager, wasn't sure if i was doing it right and after reboot it tried to load icewm as window manager when i typed startx so it worked as far as adding it to the .xinitrc is concerned but then it got errors and kicked me back to the black screen, so i did xwmconfig again, set it to luxbox and loaded up.

Did i not put the .icewm in the correct place (i.e. /home) or did i forget something or was my .xinitrc just horribley wrong? or did i skrew up in some small other random place?