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    Compiling XFree86 Driver Modules?


    Rather than having to recompile XFree86 all over again (it took 6 or 7 hours last time I think) I was wondering if there was a way to "insert" a video driver module like the kernel can have modules inserted into it. I need the "sis" driver for version 4.2.0. If this is possible, how do I compile just the 1 linkable module rather than having to compile the whole XFree FOnts, ect...all over again? The only reason I am asking this is beacuse I noticed that for the other drivers there are object files located in:


    So it seems that they might have had this in mind already. Or if someone has this file availible already that would be appreciated too!

    I am running a i386 fyi


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    What distro are you using?

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    I am using my own custom distro built off of linux from scratch.


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    Well I ended up recompiling the entier XFree86 system and taking the one module driver that I needed out of the compile and inserting it in to my current system (rather than risk reinstalling the whole thing and screwing up something). It worked fine. So my question is still unanswered, but I am no longer stuck. It still seems like you should be able to compile the module drivers serperatly without having to recompile the eniter system, im sure you can, but it probably requires a lot of tweaking of the configuration files. Or maybe not?

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