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    red hat noob cant get it working! :(

    Hey guys,, for some reason when i try to log onto quakenet with ksirc.. i keep getting told that i am banned from the server. however.. I can log onto quakenet using chatzilla.

    Does anyone know hwy i cant use ksirc to get on.. or if there are better irc clients ! btw.. i am using red hat 8.0 and the KDE gui!
    I dont know if that helps.. I am a total linux noob.. just installed red hat today.. and have no idea what is going on!
    I am used to windows and am pretty good with computers.. but the file system in red hat is very confusing to me.. i dont know how to 'compile' things.. or even.. waht compiling things means! lol!

    also.. i cant play mp3s or watch videos for some reason!

    My computer has 2 hdd.. the primary has winxp installed.. and the slave has red hat 8.0 .. however i cant view my windows files in red aht.. and vice verca! any1 know how?

    I am trying to play some movies.. which are in divx and Xvid formats.. but cant!

    also.. how do i install graphics card drivers? i have a gforce 4 mx card. Do i need to install teh drivers? as red hat picked up the gfx card during its installation anyway!

    Sorry about all these nooby questions! cheers!

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    RH9 took mp3 capabilitys out of the players. andim not sure about the movies. but it sounds like a codec problem. and for IRC i would recomend using Xchat or *****x. however i have no experiance with *****x. but ihear its good. i personally use Xchat and its great.

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    I don't think RH comes with any movie player installed. I don't know why, really, since that's pretty stupid. I know that Mandrake comes with Xine, but I'd recommend checking out MPlayer instead. Download the source and compile it for greatest performance.

    Compiling is the process of converting source code into an executable machine code program. Source code is usually distributed as tarballs, the files ending with .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 or .tgz. Just in case you want to know, .tgz is an incorrect synonym to .tar.gz, and was invented for MS-DOS compatibility. Nowadays it's used pretty seldomly, but you'll still find it here and there.
    These files are somewhat analogous to .zip files in Winbloze, in that they are compressed archives. The .tar part stands for tape archive (the format was originally used for tape backups), and the .gz part comes from the gzip program. .tar files are uncompressed archives, and the gzip program is commonly used to compress those files. .bz2 is for tar files compressed with bzip2, which is newer and better than gzip.
    To unpack these files, start a terminal, go to the directory where you put the tarball, and run this command, replacing filename with the actual filename:
    tar -xvzf filename.tar.gz
    tar -xvjf filename.tar.bz2
    The first command is for .tar.gz files, and the second is for .tar.bz2 files. Since the compression schemes are different, tar needs to know what program it should use to decompress it. As you can see, z is for gzip compressed files and j is for bzip2 compressed ones.
    Once you have unpacked the file, go into the new directory, and read the README and INSTALL files for instructions on how to configure, install and use them. Most programs nowadays are distributed with the GNU autoconf and automake tools, and if so, you can just run this command to do the entire process:
    ./configure && make && su -c "make install"
    I realize that this differs very much from the world of Winbloze that you're used to, where you just download a file, double-click it and whoops, it's installed. However, you have to realize how the Linux world works. All the programs in a Linux system are written by people simply they enjoy writing the programs. They don't get paid for it, except when kind people send them donations because they liked the program.
    Because these guys are programmers, not end users, they generally don't find it very appealing to write fancy installation programs and stuff. They just make a tarball of their source tree and upload it onto their distribution server. This doesn't mean that they don't care for their end-users, though; it's just that they don't care for user friendlyness. If you mail them with a not too stupid question, they will most probably reply to it. I know I do, at least. Most somewhat large projects also have mailing list. Subscribe to one and ask a question if you have one. However, read this first, that is _very_ important:

    I know for sure that RedHat ships without MP3 support, due to legal issues (MP3 is a non-free standard). See for more info and how to add support.

    The nVidia driver that comes with RedHat works, but it doesn't have any 3D functionality, so all OpenGL functionality is emulated by software. nVidia provides proprietary Linux drivers, though. Go to to download them. You will want the Linux IA32 driver.

    I don't know about IRC, since I don't use it. Otherwise, I think I covered everything. Don't hesitate to ask again, though. What was it that you didn't understand with the filesystem? You might want to check out this old post for a bit of information on the directory layout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolda2000
    I know for sure that RedHat ships without MP3 support, due to legal issues (MP3 is a non-free standard).
    Surely they have included mp3 related software after the licensing issue was sorted out.
    AFAIR only RH 7.3 shipped without mp3 ?

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    RH7.3 ships with MP3 support. 8 ships without, and I think 9 ships without it as well.

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