Theres been word that it is near impossible to get the radeon 9700 pro to work with linux when you have a KT 400 chipset. I was wondering if anyone may know a way of getting this to work cuz if you download a driver with XFree 4.3 support AGPGART as an issue and if I've heard about patches for this but I can't find any and if I do it doesnt work... I really need help getting my 3d Acceleration to work. If theres anyway possible please help I dont care if their old drivers or if i have to downgrade anything as long as I can play ill be ok ...

AMD XP 1800+ @ 1.876 ghz
768 DDR Ram
40 gig WD hard drive
Abit Kt400 KD7 motherboard
Audigy Gamer
Mandrake 9.1 and Windows XP