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    Quote Originally Posted by otto
    so, habs selber gelöst mit einem kleinen scripterl und xwd plus convert...
    naja, ich hätt halt gehofft gehabt, daß es was fertiges gibt, aber zum glück is sowas ja unter linux kein problem....
    otto, du muss spreche englisch am die forum danka

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    English spechen, bitte. (die Regeln )
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    Oops - I am sorry...
    Please ignore my postings above, just forgot that this is an english speaking forum.
    I just mentioned, that I hoped there would be some ready-made solution for my problem, but as I could not find anything, I wrote a little script using xwd and convert, which works just fine !

    Thanks anyway and sorry again for my German posting...

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    Does it log what you type in on your keybord? Can you post it?

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    No, it´s only doing screenshots (but this is enough for my reasons).
    It´s just making a screenshot every 10 seconds, that´s it. It´s not able to sniff passwords or stuff....
    But if you want, I can post it anyway ?

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    Yeah, sure, I want it... Do it have to be ran by the user himself, or can you run it as for example root and it will take screenies of some other user?

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    Hmm... this is a good question - I think, you should try it yorself.
    I startet is as root in a konsole (kde) here and it worked just fine for snapshoting my desktop , which I am running under my non-privilleged user-account.
    It needs xwt and convert (which already were installed on my system fc3 + kde).
    As xwt has some kind of proprietary output (which can be opened by gimp though) I also created a script which converts all the xwd-files in the current folder to jpg.
    Be careful ! All the screenshots are placed in current directory (but of cource it would be easy to modify the script for other purposes).
    And I am just taking a screenshot every 10 seconds - if you need a different value, just change it (this is a bloody script, I know )

    Have fun !

    #takes a snapshot every 10 seconds
    #and names the files based on the current time (ddmmyyhhmmss)
    while 0==0
            filename=`eval date +%d%m%y%k%M%S`
            xwd -out $filename".xwd" -root -silent
            sleep 10
    and this is the convert-script (i did it as a extra script cause I don´t want the performance to lack during snapshoting - the user should not realize it...)
    #converts the xwd-files to jpg
    for myfile in ./*.xwd
            convert $myfile $myfile".jpg"
            rm -f $myfile

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    oh... and please let me know, if this also works for use with telnet/ssh direcly...
    thanks in advance !

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    Quote Originally Posted by otto
    Yes - then I know, where he was. But I don´t know, what mails he got or sent - THIS is the problem...
    Why not?
    If you are logged in as that user, you can check whatever he can check.
    Unless he supplied a password for his e-mail which you can't get into.
    In which case, getting into that person's email looks to me like a violation of there privacy rights.
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    1. it is a difference, if you run such a program from within x or using a telnet/ssh connection from a different machine - this SHOULD work with xwd, but you must pass the x-displkay number to it. But it also could be a matter of user rights or so.

    2. I am not here to discuss the moralic issues of a program. This is a technical forum - isn´t it ? I want to know, if my girl has a lover beside me or not. For me this is not really imoralic trying to find this out. There are people who pay lots of money for investigators out of this reason.

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