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    KDE with Gnome apps?

    I've tried ubuntu and kubuntu, and while KDE seems like the slicker OS, the apps are nowhere near the level of the Gnome apps. The Gnome apps are much better. Is there a way to mix the two? Thanks!

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    Re: KDE with Gnome apps?

    Quote Originally Posted by Curlydave
    while KDE seems like the slicker OS
    KDE really isn't an OS, but simply a desktop environment. Yes, you can run Gnome and KDE apps on the same box. Just install the necessary Gnome and/or KDE libs and any other dependencies and have at it.

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    As long as the program depends 100% on the library and is not an app that is tied to the KDE Window Manager itself, it will work in Gnome - any app that is dependant on the KDE Window Manager and not the Library (100%) will fail.

    Unlike KDE, GNOME is not a Window Manager. GNOME provides development libraries and session management for the foundation (invisible to the user). On top of the foundation is a window manager that just takes care of general appearance's (the default WM for Gnome is still Sawfish i believe)

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    It was sawfish - now it is metacity.

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