I just installed Debian on my widescreen laptop, and I can get x to pull up, however rather than being the full window size, it takes up probably about 1 inch at the top and seems discolored. I've played a bit with the depth and drivers, it is running on an Intel 82856/82855 GM/GME Graphics card. I snagged the drivers from the intel site, but didn't do much. I'm still stuck with a messed up display, and I've tried a couple different resolutions. I've not encountered this before, as I've never tried linux on a laptop (let alone widescreen), so not sure if that has much to do with it or what. I also tried selecting the largest horiz and vert ranges to see if that would make a difference, but to date I'm not seeing much =/ It seems also like it wants to use the i810 driver, and I've tried vga as well, to no avail. Anyone who has some insight on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks