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    (Multiple) Window Managers


    Quick newbie question... again.

    After browsing various reading materials about different window managers (mainly looking at minimalist options) I decided I'd like to try out some different kinds and see what works. Unfortunately I have to wait a little while until I can do that as I need to get back home to a steady enough internet connection to get the things first!

    My question is this: upon installing, do I have to reconfigure any files/add any extra programs to help me choose the desired WM on startup? I have always used 'friendly' distros such as Mandrake whereby I chose a few different WMs (somewhat blindly) during install and could just choose the session from the login screen (mainly I've used KDE). But when I get back I want to run a Gentoo (although this could well change to be Debian or any other different options) install on some home machines and would like to try some different WM easily (and remove the unwanted ones) without it being too much hassle.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Sorry for being pretty vague in the details.



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    You can spesify what wm to use in either ~/.xinitrc or ~/.Xclients-default (only noticed this one on fedora and mandriva)

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    When you edit the .xinitrc file, say you want to use icewm.
    In .xinitrc just put one line


    I have tried many window managers, and that is how i have done all of them.
    I have found I like fluxbox and icewm the best.
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    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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