Hi guys,
I am having some problems with the KDE menus. I am using Gentoo with KDE 3.3.

Basically, after installing KDE I had a happy menu. Then I've installed Gnome on top of it, and among other changes, my standard "multimedia" menu entry got replaced by something "sound & video". It is not like I really mind the new naming. But after this, the KDE menu editor doesn't work. Right clicking on the K icon->menu editor doens't do anything. Invoking kmenuedit from the command line brings up the menu editor, but it doesn't save the changes.

Somewhere I found other people with similar problem, and they suggested deleting the /etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu file. I did it and it worked! My original menu was back. But today I've made a standard gentoo update, and the package gnome-menus got updated to version 2.10.1
After this, I have again the menu problem (new layout, can't edit). Tried again deleting application.menu file, nothing. Tried deleting whole .kde and .kde3.3 folders in my home, nothing.

Someone has a clue? When I've installed linux, I've never though that something so stupid like menus would give me such a headache...