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    Gnome Panel Objects

    Is it possible to have a vertical panel (got that far) with launchers for programs on it in pairs.. so rather than the launcher being huge and the full width of the panel, it sits next to another launcher and each has half the width of the panel.

    Like making a table in the panel and populating it with launchers.

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    I didn't say *bump*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somethin_Cool
    I didn't say *bump*
    Your post was edited, your 2nd bump was removed, and someone's comment pointing you to the rules about bumping before waiting 12 hours was removed also. I thought it might make the thread cleaner for anyone reading

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    Have you tried adding two verical panels side by side, make two different backgrounds which make it look like one and add icons?

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    Yeah I have. Unfortunately, I only wont the icons to go half way down. Then I want my windows list to use the full width available cos I want t obe able to see the text

    I haven't found a way to arrange panels in that manner. Can it be done?
    I'd draw it in text characters but the forum removes duplicate spaces so it doesn't work

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    INstead of the window applet, try the window list --> a button which you cn click on to get the window list.

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    Mmmm. No that's not doing anything for my efficiency. I can't believe no body knows how to do such a simple task. Is it actually that it can't be done? Because that is appauling. Time to try KDE

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