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    Small resolutions and large windows.

    I've an older monitor that only supports 640x480 resolution running blackbox. The problem is that certain application windows like Bastille or Firefox's preference's adore taking up the entire screen making it unusable. Some also are resizable and maximizable but are "locked" into a button layout so the buttons unreachable. I've tried other wm's and icewm works with some of the windows but not all of them.

    So my first question is: Are there any solutions out there that "shrink" windows that are "statically" locked?

    My next question is: How do I play with the font sizes and window colour preferences for 'normal' windows in X?

    I'm new , so please dumb it down into steps.

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    Well I got one thing working. I set a bbkeys entry for full maximization, it works with pages like firefox's preferences. No luck on the other two, yet... :smoke:

    edit: umm.. seems I've got a very very cheap solution to static'y windows.. Setting bbkeys to nudge them to and fro...

    So does anyone know how to set the font size for "normal" X windows?

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    well, you should probaby get a new monitor, because there isn;t much you can do with a monitor with such low resolution. Besides that, the last game made that uses that resolution was probably Starcraft...

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