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    desktop customization

    I have seen some screenshots with these highly customized desktops. Like, instead of the virtual desktops being on the taskbar, you click the backgrounds and drag it to another (like a 3D cube). I have also seen them whete the taskbar is a sort of semicircle at the bottom-middle of the screen. I just want to know a good website where I can go to to learn about all of this and download the stuff to do it. Also, is KDE or Gnome the most customisable (or some other GUI)

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    For KDE you might want to check out and for Gnome you might want to have a look at They both have rather nice eye candy
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    It's really more of a matter of choice, I feel KDE is a bit better for customising. But I've always been a KDE person. Try kde-look and [[/url], both are excellent for all sorts of additions.

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    I always see were people have these cool little monitoring things.

    Like for your CPU, Battery (laptops), etc. What are the names for things like that in RedHat/Unix?

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    Probably using an app called superkaramba in KDE or gdesklets in Gnome.

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    That's a system monitor. The only ones I've ever used were torsmo (background-based, maybe only for Flux) and gkrellm.

    I'm not a big fan of them...too crowded. And besides, I can always check disk usage with:

    df -si

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    Superkaramba is great! That is exactly what I was looking for. To bad they donít have a lot of people making up good themes etc. Again thank you.

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    and how can you make windows transparent (often when someone is running terminal in a GUI and only the words are opaque over the desktop background).

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    If you're using Konsole (KDE's terminal program), then you select the scheme "Transparent (dark background)". You can customize the transparency tint color, opaqueness, and text colors by creating your own color scheme.
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    Can gdesklets be used in KDE?

    And if it's not is there a way to switch to GNOME whithout reinstalling, I am running SuSE 9.3 right now. I have never tried GNOME and figure I deserve to at least check it out.

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