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Thread: ATi on RH9

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    ATi on RH9

    Wondering how to get 3D Acceleration on my Radeon 9500 on RH9?

    I can start up Enemy Territory but then its like 1 frame per second after allowing softwareGL

    Been searching for days.

    Also anybody know where to get the mp3 plugin for xmms?

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    This seems to be my exact problem, but with RedHat

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    That is a big problem, actually. There aren't any good 3D Linux drivers for radeon. It's possible that it can be made to work, but it still won't work as good as with the Windows drivers.
    I don't actually have an ATi card, so I can't say how to do it. I just wanted you to know that there aren't any good Linux drivers for it.

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    a friend of mine said that I can just
    apt-get install ati*
    And that will work, but my RPM-4.1 package is corrupted
    Any idea how to force a rpm to install with all it's dependencies?

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    do you have apt installed.

    if not download the rpm here:

    then as root run.
    >apt-get update && apt-get install synaptic

    that will install the graphical interface for apt now you can access it through a launcher located in system tools.

    do a search for ati in synaptic and see what you can find.

    apt sorts out all dependency issues for you and is a very safe way of installing stuff you don't understand.
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