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    xpdf: Paper colour and fonts colour

    When invoking xpdf it is possible to change the paper colour by using
    the option -papercolor But using this you have to give colour by
    name.Is it possible to specify an arbitrary rgb value ?

    Also is it possible to change in any way the fonts colour ?

    Can you do any of these things with other pdf viewers ?

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    I don't know, but if xpdf uses the same color lookup routine as xsetroot does, you should be able to use the syntax #RRGGBB, where RRGGBB is the hexadecimal color code you want. Remember that you need to quote the `#' so that your shell doesn't interpret it as a comment.

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    It works , thanks.I suspect that the same technique would work with
    all X applications.

    Now does anyone have any suggestions about the fonts ?

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