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    Stuck up in Xconfigurator for Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 2.1

    I'm using Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 2.1 in 4 CD's. This is my first time to use Linux and I don't know much about Linux commands yet. I've suceeded so far in installing it and my boot loader is LILO coz GRUMP doesn't boot. I can go so far as logging in. Now, I want to use XWindows. But in Xconfigurator (text based), my card and monitor are not in the list and I can't seem to make a guess on a card-monitor pair that might be compatible with my hardware. What should I do? I know Windows and it have autodetect function. I don't see something like autodetect for video card and monitor in Linux. I admit my Red Hat version is a little bit old, my guess is newer versions have more hardware in its list. But I'm hoping Linux would use generic cards and monitors, is it possible? How do I add a new driver? Please teach me step by step specially the commands to type because I swear I really don't understand them this time. If there's a link that discuss this problem please show me. Thanks for your attention.

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    What type of card and monitor do you have?

    In all honesty, auto-configuration of Xservers is one of the features that has come the furthest in linux over the past few years, probably 90% of setups can be configured automaticaly to a satisfactory level. Is there a particular reason you want this version of RH? If not, consider moving up the ladder a bit, it will help considerably.
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    Sorry for my delayed reply. I have Intel(R) 82845G/GL Graphics Adapter and Fujitsu-Siemens 151E monitor. I'm planning to acquire RH Enterprise Linux ES 4 but it may take some time so for now I just try my luck on making 2.1 work. I'm setting up an intranet website btw, and I could have done it easily with Windows 2000/2003. But I want to use Linux and see the difference. I've been reading a lot of materials already, just I wasn't prepared with this Xwindows conguration thing.

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    Okay I got it working partially. I used VGA Xserver and somehow Xwindows is now running though the graphics is really poor. I'll try to make it's correct server (found it on Intel drivers site) to work. Thanks again for the attention.

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    Ok, how do I install my "correct" video card rpm when XWindows is running? I tried installing it from the GNOME Terminal. It says Xwindows is running and I think it did not proceed. Running Xconfigurator, I don't see any new Server added in the list. Can I install it from GNOME?

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    Im going through the same thing at work. I added Slackware 10.1 to an IBM machine using the 82845G Graphics Adapter and it stinks! I could not run X at all until I edited the xorg.conf and forced it to start in 8bit mode.

    It is my understanding that there is NOT a Linux driver for the Intel 82845G/GL graphics adapter.

    Im still researching, if you find out anything please let me (us) know. Do a search on 82845, you and I are not the only ones having a problem.

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