I have an interesting situation that has started to annoy me.
we've een setting up new RHAS servers here at work and 4 of the 5 work like a charm. The 5th(incidently the first one that we started with) runs great. Gnome is working fine.

However the desktop is not clickable. Its almost as if metacity isn't running, though a
ps -ef |grep metacity
shows that it is.

Since this is a server its not OVERLY important to be running a gui at all let alone a window manager. But we are still configuring it and i miss being able to right click and open a new terminal window. It also confuses us to why this server and none of the others.

I can't find anything in log files, so i thought i'd ask here to see if anyone has seen this problem or knows what is causing it.

Thanks in advance.