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    x-Windows configuration

    i'm new here.
    Just one little question, 'cause i know it should be possible:
    How to configure X ,for that a desktop-mouseclick would immediately start
    any application/ execute any command ?
    And "where"..

    thx a lot if anybody would have any suggestions,-
    but its not in the kde-kontrollcenter, that's for sure.


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    If you use KDE, it is in kcontrol. kcmshell mouse to be exact.

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    right, there is an option to change the contextmenu for mouse-clicks.
    But i need to start a program immediately by clicking the mouse,-
    without showing the contextmenu.
    I dont know the function of kcmshell (And i can't find any useful in google about it) ,
    but if it is possible to change KDE-clickbehaviour with it, how should it be done ?
    No details,- hints or links would be useful enough.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Oh,- now, i understand: it's meant to be a console comand.
    It starts the control center with the option to change the usual mouse settings.
    Nothing new
    Here, we can change if it is a doubleclick or a single click wich opens a folder, starts a program, or something similar..

    There is no possibilty to make the desktop doubleclick-sensitive.

    I have searched a lot via google and i have read that there is a solution within X-Windows.
    That means, X is scriptable.
    But i could'nt found out "where" and "what" to do.
    Anybody here who has ever heard about it and can give me a link ?


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    You could make a menu entry with kmenuedit and assign a hotkey to it. It's already on the whishlist to make it possible to have mouse buttons as hotkeys.

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