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    creating a terminal...

    I asked this same question a day or two ago - on my desktop I run KDM - I'm trying to get KDM on my laptop to recognize my desktop to I can login that way - besically I would like to use the laptop as a terminal to the desktop...


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    more research

    After doing some research it seems that I DONT want to use XDMCP -> Is there anyway that using SSH I can get my WindowMaker desktop to show up on my laptop???


    PS - SSH -l uname ip.add.of.desktop -> works fine! and I am able to run X apps fine...

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    In that case, might I suggest the following from a text mode terminal with no X server previously started:
    xinit $(which ssh) -l uname ip.addr.of.desktop /bin/sh -lc "exec wmaker"

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