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    Help with X resolutions......

    Ok, I finally started playing Linux games (like quake) and one thing really bugs me a lot.

    My KDE is set to be 800x600, but when I play games 640x480 they don't take up the full screen, just 640 pixels out of 800 wide.

    Windows never has this problem, because games usually reset the screen and the monitor to the desired resolution.

    Well obvious solution is to set game resolution to the same as my desktop resolution, but the problem is that some games are very slow at 800X600.
    How do I fix that??

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    Depending on the version of X you've got, you might be able to change resolutions on the fly with a program called xrandr. If you do have it, xrandr -q will list the available resolutions, and xrandr -s changes it. See man xrandr for more details.

    If that fails, it's possible to add the required resolution to your XF86Config and switch resolutions with some combo like ctl-alt-plus/minus.

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