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    A real newbie question

    I don't understand Xservers Is it just a link to your drivers. to get linux to use my vidio drivers do I create a knew xserver. For someone raised on microsoft the installing of drivers in linux is for from clear and so far all info I have found assumes you have knowledge I must not have. I did find a referance that gnome used the xserver file. I have the drivers for my card but no Ideal what to do next. Please take pity and explain this to me.

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    By Xservers, do you mean a file somewhere in the /etc/X11/ directory? Or the program which draws windows on your screen called X (or XFree ) ?

    I'm guessing what you what to do is get linux to use the driver for your graphics card?

    Generally, drivers for graphics card ( and most bits of hardware ) are either built into the kernel, or can be inserted into the kernel ( kernel modules ) For example, with Nvidia, there's a kenerl module "nvidia.o". After you've installed this driver, you insert it into the kernel with
    modprobe nvidia
    You can see if it's in your kernel with lsmod.

    Once it's in your kernel, you need to get XFree to use it. You do this by adding it to the "Device" section of your /etc/X11/XF86Config file. Here's mine:

    Quote Originally Posted by /etc/X11/XF86Config
    Section "Device"
    Identifier "myNV"
    Driver "nvidia"
    (Note the Driver "nvidia" bit. )
    Clear as Mud?

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    Read this for a bit of an explanation on how X works:
    There are other posts describing different aspects on X. Just use the search function to find them.

    Actually, you generally do not need a kernel module for the display driver. Almost only nVidia uses that, while most other drivers are XFree86 modules. XFree86 is by far the most common X server for Linux. Many other X servers are only made to support one certain piece of hardware, while XFree86 loads modules that act as drivers.

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    Ok! I think you ansered my question. If I understand you. XFREE86 is my server. all I have to do is find out how to add my chip to to it.
    when I run etc/X11/XF86Config I get permission denied. If I do cd /X11 Then ls I see XF86Config but when I do XF86Config or /XF86Config then it tells me no file or directory evan though I can see it.
    I only have root setup so I should have all permissions. I am sure I am doing something wrong but do not understand what.
    I don't know if this info will help but I am running linux 5.2
    I am trying to setup a Trident on board 8400 chip Which is a via northbridge chipset VT8501 which is more comonly used on blade3D vidio cards.
    With windows this was a good choice if you did not need a high end gaming card.
    I could set it with trident 8400 drivers, any blade drivers or or via 8501 drivers and if I did not have my drivers handy I could set it up with trident 8900 drivers from the trident site and it would automaticly go out and install the right driver for itself.
    8900 drivers is in my version of Xfree86 but will not work with my card.
    Any sugestions on this.
    Thankyou for the time your spending helping me get started with linux.

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    /etc/X11/XF86Config is the configuration file, not a configuration program. Therefore, you are supposed to edit it, not run it. It is, like all other UNIX configuration files, just a standard text file, so just open it with any text editor that you happen to like.

    Btw., in UNIX (or Linux, for that part), you can't just run a program in the same directory by typing its name. If the command name includes no slashes, the shell will just look in the directories specified by the PATH variable (run "echo $PATH" to see its value). Therefore, to run a program in the current directory you must run something like ./programname. The single dot denotes the current directory, in the same way the .. (as in "cd ..") denotes the parent directory.

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    Oh!! How do I change vidio chips. If I want to try some of the other chipsts that came with os.

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    You don't change the chipset itself, just the driver.

    All trident chipsets are included in the "trident" driver.You can check the drivers included with XFree86 in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers. If there is anything else that you can try, it would probably be the "vesa" driver, but that doesn't include any hardware acceleration.

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    Tried them all. plus most of the drivers that were not trident. linux sets this chipset up as 9430 which does not work. driverguide has a xfree86 which they claim is for the 8400 but everything I try to uncompress it with say it's corrupt. I think if I go higher than 6.0 you might be right. thats what I have been told. but It don't come with 5.2. I set here for hours yesterday reloading linux from the disk so I could try all the drivers. It seems to me when I first bought this 5.2 disk set that there was a command line that ran that setup up but I don't remember it and could not find it on my own. the only way I could do it was running the install again. Then you comeup with a window that shows the vid cards an asks if you want it to probe or but eitherway it probes your memory and thats when it fails on me. anyway theres a vt8501 driver out for linux then theres a blade3D driver for linux and then the download at driverguide.
    I had them all three and my daughter deleted the folder they was in,and I have only found the one on driverguide.

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    I think that before you continue you should set up a few user accounts one for you and one each for other members of your family. that way your daughter will only be able to deleet the files that she creates:)
    the ease of setting up user accounts is one more advantage linux has over other os's

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    Actually she does have her own account the main reason I have win 2000
    on here is the way it handles accounts. the only good windows is win 3.11 and win 98 but I have moved beyond them I can think of 4 things on here that to do on win 98 I would have to have seperate comps for or interupt the service but with 2000 you run them as a service. you use the computor to do whatever and they just jug along in the background doing what they are suposed to do. you check there logs do whatever maintenance needs done but you know if the computors turned on they are at work. Most of the stuff you can automate. given the fact you can use almost any scripting language on this's got it's own sql server.
    And I have yet to find anything I can't run as a service. I had to trick windows about a couple of programs but hey if this thing was an AI they would be making dumb blonde jokes about it.
    No I have never had linux running good enough I could worry about any body deleting anything off it.
    Thats the problam for over a week I have been on the comp. I was downloading 7.2 the other day plus transferring some ebooks on linux off a buddys comp. and she wanted to get on it. so I built a folder on the desktop for her and told her to delete it when she was through and she deleted the wrong folder. No if I could get linux up and running I could get away from this one and learning to use linux. But to be truthfull with you I don't ever see linux replacing my win computors. At this point I am just hoping I can set it between these computors an the ones out there let it take over the routing and file transfers maybe block against viris and the least insistant crackers. I allready know how to build an automatic ftp retreiver on linux. I can block email atachments on my side that way they must be opened and manualy passed inside by the linux server. Don't get me wrong I am not saying that linux can't be a good operating system but really If I can't get it loaded on the same systems that I can load nt 4.0 or 5.0 on, How can I consider them in the same class as these systems.
    Lets break this down and take a look at it.'s basically a free program. While that is true if you let it stand as is. I feel it's also verry deceptive. It has not been true for me and I have saw nothing to make me beleive it would be for most people.

    2. The next claim is That it can be installed By download, from harddrive or over a network. ok! it can be downloaded and burned to a cd. I just today tried to install from one harddrive to another. I could not evan get the boot floppy that the redhat site said I needed to do the job of booting my pc. Let's face it if it won't boot my pc I can't install nothing.
    That ideal is not totally out though I should be able to use loadlin or something. It's just on a backburner untill I do some checking.

    3. The network install. To me that is the most interesting of possabilitys. Although I beleive With win upgrading over a network is the best way to go. After all when I buy programs for my win machines the programs that can be upgaded by internet get first consideration.
    I have never saw a time when I thought it was worth it to do a full install by network. the claim I could do that with linux seemed to be the answer to a prayer. After looking at it, it seems to me mainly to be setup for linux machines which does not make sense. If I have linux on one machine it seems better to use xxcopy or something to transfer and than upgrade or whatever.

    4.Linux now has support for most vidio cards, network cards etc.
    That simply is not true. linux has support for the major high end gaming cards and after haunting the forrums for over a week I don't beleive it is good or dependable support at that. most of the posts I have seen is not by newbei's If the people who have been using it for awhile is having that much of a problam do I evan have a chance.
    Still evan if it has great support for gaming cards, I still beleive the mainstream is your basic 4 to 8 meg card "what I call bussiness cards" If you need a big card for some reason might move up to a 16 meg card. I often use photoshop and a few other programs like that I could use a 16 meg card but since I only have one pci slot on this thing I opted for another nic.

    5. LINUX IS A GOOD WAY TO GET INTO PROGRAMING. Anybody that would disagree with this would have to braindead.
    I don't do anything in c or c++ not worth the cost. When I ran dos I did a little with basic. 3x and 95 I added vb, now I've added a little scripting not much though. scripts are all over the place now. If you look around you will probaly find the script you need.
    I AM NOT A PROGRAMER FOR SURE. But I can't help being amazed at the amount of develapment stuff that comes with linux. If your a programer why not have at least one linux machine around.

    Linux has a lot of Promise but I still beleive it is not a good replacement for microsoft. Maybe someday.

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