Sorry it took me a while to get back. Damn hurricane....

Anway, my power and internet access is back much earlier than I thought so good news from that front.

I found a solution this bug: taken from

"galeon registers its components which marks the component manager as
"dirty". When galeon shuts down it tries to write the new compreg.dat
out to disk. Since the category manager was never set up as part of
the class, the write out to disk fails half way through writing the data."

The solution (if this comes up again):

"Starting galeon makes it repeatedly spawn new windows making it completely

remove lib/mozilla-$version/components/compreg.dat
remove write permissions from mozilla installation directory
start galeon"

I had to search for the compreg.dat file, as it was elsewhere on my system, but this worked like a charm. Embedded links do indeed bring up galeon, but at least it works now!