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Thread: USB flasdrive

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    USB flasdrive

    yeah i got a new 64 mb flash drive and i want to get it to work with my linx box. it says its compatable and if i go to the hardware browser it shows up as sda and a fat32 partation sda1 but i cant get to it how would i format or get it to see (i want to switch it between OS winblows to linux and back its for school just word docs and excell spread sheets) is ther any way i can do this and if so plz tell me how if not just tell me how to format it for my linux system.


    P.s btw i havent had any real problems with linux thats why i havent been here in a while but thats a good thing right means youve done your job well. but thats why i had to get a new toy so i could hack some more with linux.

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    Format your USB-card as FAT32 then, that filesystem both linux and windows can read/write from. Use fdisk to format it...


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    To format the partition with vfat, run this:
    mkfs.vfat /dev/sda1
    Then, to use it, just mount it as you normally would. If you want to, you could probably check out the hotplug scripts in /etc/hotplug to make it mount it automagically every time you plug it in; but that requires shell scripting skills, of course.


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