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Thread: terminal font

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    terminal font

    Hello -
    I just installed WindowMaker on my laptop... although it is fine in KDE, the terminal language in windowmaker is displaying nothing but a bunch of ambiguous characters... I can type commands and they are executed as they should be... how can I fix this?


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    Is there an option to choose the different set of terminal chars?
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    If you're talking about the GNOME-terminal then it's easy:
    (No 100% in the name - translating from localisized version)
    Edit->Current Profile
    The first tab (General), has button like thing, there you can change font. You can even, not recomended, use a non-monospace font -- doesn't look nice (I love monospace )
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    As I said, It's a WindowMaker XTERM...

    My normal TTY terminals are fine... TTY 1 is displayed in a different font than TTY 2-6... X runs on TTY 7 and 8 - TTY 9 is a Kernel Messages display (I think). The KTerm fonts are fine in KDE...



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    What does it look like more exactly?

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    [cole@laptop cole]$ ssh -l cole
    cole@'s password:
    Last login: Mon Sep 22 20:17:30 2003 from
    Have a lot of fun...
    cole@desktop:~> mozilla &
    [1] 13632
    cole@desktop:~> gain &
    [2] 13688
    cole@desktop:~> -bash: gain: command not found

    [2]+ Exit 127 gain
    cole@desktop:~> gaim &
    [2] 13697
    Funny.. that's an exact copy and paste - to describe it... hmmmm.... It literally looks as though it's writing in a font similar to the m$ Symbol font... it's jut a bunch of random characters... It's like the xterm is reading the WRONG keycode... but it's fine in KDE
    [2]+ Exit 127
    appears something like a brace backwards 2 brace space space space plus sign space x backwards E space backwards t backwards i backwards semicolon backwards 2 backwards 1


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    Probably it's either a font problem, or it's an internationalization problem. Are these regular xterms or some windowmaker-specific one?

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    ... It's WindowMaker's Wterm... haven't tried a regular XTERM

    NOPE - doesn't work

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