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    You swap space should be at LEAST 1.5 to 2 times the amount of RAM you have.

    What do the logs tell you?

    Your apps could start slowly for a number of reasons, I'm assuming you're running KDE or GNOME... try logging into a "safe" X session. From there run "mozilla &" See if it starts faster...

    On my 180Mhz Laptop, in KDE Mozilla takes roughly 1.5 minutes to load whereas WindowMaker or XFCE4 it takes right around 15 seconds - same deal with XTERM - in KDE it takes nearly minute and it's instantaneous on the other two -


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    i'm running bluecurve and is a gnome-kde desktop supposedly(?). would swap space really matter? or is it more with the gimp app?

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    there's not telling - please check the logs... try switching to a more lightweight windowmanager - try upgrading GIMP - try adding more swap space - and if none of that works - then at least we've eliminated some of the easiy accomplished tasks first

    PS - on my desktop - it NEVE locks up intil I use a program that uses the KDE Libs in some way... within minutes I can plan on it locking up solid///


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    which logs are we talking about here exactly?

    do you know what a bonobono is?

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