I am running a dual monitor setup using KDE 3.2, where each screen
gets its own instance of KDE (i.e. not xinerama). When I log in and
wish to make any KDE-specific changes to my PC, I need to make these
changes to both screens, so if I wanted to add some icons to my
desktop or tweak how my panel is laid out, i need to do this twice.
Is there anywhere that these settings are saved so that I can make my
changes on my main monitor, and copy/apply them to the secondary
monitor on logout (or some other time)? So far as I have seen in my
home directory, the only thing that's changed since I went to this
dual monitor setup is the addition of a new "Desktop1" directory.
Nothing appears to have changed within the .kde folder, although maybe
I missed something.

Any help would be appreciated!