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    As for the stability of e17 here's a quote from the eLive faq

    I'm using E17, i got a white box saying "Enlightenment segfaulted", what is this ?!

    Enlightenment 17 is under heavy development, this means that even if it can be pretty stable, there are many things that needs to be fixed. Yes it miss user friendly tools, they are not implemented since it is not a priority. This window manager has not been released nor in alpha or beta, you are using development code so you've been warned. Enlightenment is designed to be fast and stable, most crashes are due to unofficial modules, if you want it stable, just use the official modules included with E17 (not e_modules).

    So if you see this box, this means enlightenment crashed, just hit "restart" and play again
    Officially e16.x is the stable release, it and e17 are included on the live cd that is installable to the hard disk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozar
    Yep, I've tried e17 and earlier versions but didn't care for it, as I prefer the more simplistic type window managers.
    16 is very simplistic. About as simple as it can get, really (if you try it out with elive, turn off the icon bar and you'll see what I mean).
    Stumbling around the 'net:

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    Quote Originally Posted by psic
    16 is very simplistic. About as simple as it can get, really (if you try it out with elive, turn off the icon bar and you'll see what I mean).
    Hi, psic... thanks, but I've used e16 and didn't care for it, either. Maybe the term lighterweight would have been a more appropriate word for me to have used. E16 is still pretty big compared to the various "...boxes", pekwm, wmii2, and a few others I like to use.

    Anyway, I tried e17 again yesterday afternoon and last night, but I simply can't stand it so it's gone again. Simply too much eye candy and flashiness makes it overly distracting in my opinion. I understand that it can all be turned off, but then what's the point of having it?

    Still, I'm glad it's out there for those that like that sort of thing.

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    Using E16 right now; I like it. Fairly quick, not heavy on the resources, and while using the iconbar things are easy to find on my (multiple) desktops. Did work in a few tweaks, though ... such as "borrowing" the panel from xfce4 for quick access to my favorite programs. Tried E17 (a friend laid elive on me) but not as wild about it. The fact it just doesn't work well might have something to do with that.

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    BTW for anyone testing e17; type "enlightenment_remote -module-load ibox" or something similar to start ibox, an idock-lookalike place to find the minimized apps (instead of opening the menu to find them). You then have to activate ibox in the menu after loading it.

    E17 is fast and light yeh, I havent gotten any crashes all the times I've tried it (however I HAVE experienced one total system-lockup...) Does anyone know if esound is still being developed for e17? Or is there another/no sound daemon?

    I recently found something for e17 named "enterminus" or something like that somewhere, but can't remember where and google could'nt reveil anything last time I tried. Maybe it's just a dream :P

    For anyone not knowing, there is a CVS-install guide and some themes at

    Another Q, is eclair working in the newest CVS? Last time I tried it would add to playlist, but not play anything

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