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Thread: fvwm

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    i installed fvwm and themes from my distro cd
    but i cant see it in the windowmanegers section so i cant select it.
    how can i configure Redhat 7.3 to start with fvwm or any other way to use it?
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    Are you using a graphical login at the moment or text login?
    Let's say you boot into text mode so you'll need to create a file called .xsession in your home directory. Make it executable

    Enter the following:

    xterm &


    When you start X with startx the x server will read this file and open your window manager.

    Let's say you are currently using the KDM manager and you want to add the window manager to your session types than you can :

    1) Select default and that will open the manager specified in .xsession

    2) Enter fvwm in /etc/X11/xdm/kdmrc

    You might as well be using something else at the moment and therefore it might work differently. I am pretty new to this myself so someone might have a better answer. It worked for me this morning when I added icewm

    I am on a journey to mastering Linux and I got a bloody long way to go!!!

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