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    Gnome 2.4 Problems

    Im on redhat 9.0 and am trying to install gnome 2.4

    is there a specific place you have to install these

    or does it matter?


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    Use Garnome. I don't know how much Red Hat will like this since Red Hat has it's own desktop but you can try. The final reason why I left Red Hat was because of this amalgam between Gnome and KDE.
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    What do you use?

    and i don't know if i want Garnome because it doesn't actually upgrade gnome. and it also wouldn't install lol. I got an error compiling glib. Said something about libiconv and then gave an error code.

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    I use Debian w/KDE 3. I find KDE more suitable to my taste. I can get into more about it but it's really a matter of personal preference.

    As for Gnome 2 is Red Hat, I'm not sure exactly how this can be done. I explained earlier that Red Hat has fused both KDE and Gnome and created the desktop "bluecurve." Can anyone Red Hat users confirm if you are able to use Gnome 2 on Red Hat?
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    i just tried to install gnome-vfs
    and i installed with

    ./configure --prefix=/usr && make && make install

    got no errors, and everything was fine.

    Then when i restarted and logged in, all my icons on the desktop had reverted to taxt files, and were not runnable..

    Is this because i tried to install it on redhat, or because i did something wrong?

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    red hat 9.0 comes with gnome 2.2

    the new gnome is 2.4

    i would rather than trying to upgrade to gnome 2.4, wait for the next red hat release and do complete distro upgrade. i am sure it will come with gnome 2.4

    i have removed bluecurve. u can change the theme.

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    If this still bothers you - install fedora.

    comes with gnome 2.4

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