I just switched from kopete over to gaim, and as great as the additional functionality is, gaim is less well-behaved when it comes to incoming messages or away notification popups. Rather than alter my messaging options, I'd like to configure something in KDE to recognize gaim windows and move them all to one particular virtual desktop where I keep my conversations.

The first thing that came to mind was a mouse gesture that I would use when a saw a new conversation window in the taskbar, to select the window with minimal effort, and then another gesture or key combination to banish it to another desktop. I found that sending the window the key combination that I had set to move to a different desktop doesn't work - I guess such a keyboard signal needs to go to KDE itself, and not the particular program. Then I thought about firing off something with DCOP, but I don't know what function/component-of-KDE controls which virtual desktop a window is on.

The second idea I had was to somehow configure the system to automatically detect new windows that fit the gaim criteria and take action without my using a mouse gesture, but I have no idea what I would use to do this - can a script monitor such a thing?

I'm starting to like KDE more and more. It's just too cool that the power to manipulate all these subroutines is at my fingertips - if I could only just figure out how to use it.