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    Nautilus locks up

    It is weird, but when I use Nautilus to navigate to a directory that has a bunch of movies in it (big RedVsBlue fan), it will practically lock up my machine. By lock up, I mean that it monopolizes my cpu and is accessing my hard drive constantly and it does this for a minute or two until I restart X. I thought it might be because there are about 60 files, all of which are around 20-30 megs each, but the directory contents popup more or less instantly in the nautilus window, so I don't understand why it seems to do this indefinitely and yet still be able to display the contents of the directory. Any ideas?

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    Are you letting it show previews for movies? That may take a while... I belive you can remove it in the nautilus settings.

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    Ah, I didn't realize that nautilus did the whole preview thing since the only thing I ever saw next to the files was an icon, but yeah, when I turned off the preview stuff the problem went away. Thanks.

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