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    howdy everyone, just signed up on the board, very noce by the way.

    I just installed LFS(Linux From Scatch), and am a few steps away from installing x-free. what is considered the best release to use?

    i heard its very difficult to upgrade you xfree86 when you run a distro, have you guys built your own linux?

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    Nah, I just installed it over the existing RPM (I know it's wrong, but I did it anyway).
    I would recommend you to take it easy with the latest XFree86 release if you're using nVidia's display drivers, though. I got some problems with certain H/W acceleration functions (The nVidia drivers are after all tested on XFree 4.0.2 or something like that... That's how it goes with closed source.)
    I can live with it, though, I just wanted you to know.
    It does take a _long_ time to compile, though, and the source tree takes almost 700 MB.

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    nope no nvida card, actually i think its an ati card, it a dell pc built in card

    just wondering if it is worth to run "latest and greatest" build, or just go with the most current stable, especially if it take 2hr+ to compile

    any thoughts?

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    I enjoy testing the latest builds and being able to use what most ppl are still waiting for. I do research any devel source before installing to make sure it isn't going to cause any serious problems on my box. Hence why I am still waiting for mozilla 1.3 to become somewhat stable so I can actually use a java vm with mozilla. Very wierd bug I noticed in 1.2 is that if you compiled it with gcc 3.2.x , it won't run sun's java because it it compiled with 2.95. 1.3 supposedly fixes this bug but 1.3 is far from stable right now and sun is just slacking with recompiling java with the latest gcc.

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    this is the first time i have had to compile everything. it was for the longest time download and install the rpms. but i love being able to use whatever version i want because i like it, not what the distribution has a build for. but i suppose its still able to build new packages. it was just getting old downloading mozilla.some.ver.rpm and needing blahblah1.rpm, and blahblah2.rpm, and so on.

    anyways ill stop blabbering away.

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    crippler: I just installed the most recent CVS version of XFree86, and it is looking good. I suggest that, it is stable (3 days so far, no crash) enough. Also, might I suggest garnome with the spheres-and-crystals theme. All svg icons, all svg menu items, etc etc. It looks pretty. If you need the spheres and crystals theme, let me know, I have it all set up
    I respectfully decline the invitation to join your delusion.

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    cool i think ill use the cvs version.

    whats the theme for KDE, GNOME, but anyways, yea im prbably interested in it, always looking for a good theme.

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    For the nice new mouse pointer arrows:
    Add this on your .Xdefaults (hidden files on home or root)

    For users: (as user)
    Xcursor.theme: whiteglass

    For root:
    Xcursor.theme: redglass

    Have a lot of fun ;-)

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