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    creating remote X displays on another machine...

    Hello, I remember seeing a tutorial years ago on a way that you could add remote displays to your XF86Config such that your desktop would span screens -and- machines...

    I thought this was brilliant, if you didn't have extra slots for more video cards, you could just use the cards in a remote machine to expand your desktop. I remember it being a client /server setup.

    Has anyone out there ever heard of this? I'm kicking myself for not bookmarking it, and my searches just keep finding tutorials for getting local displays set up in X...

    Any help would be great!


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    Remote Desktop

    If you want to access a headless machine that is running linux on it I believe vnc server is the thing to do. If the remote machine accessing is the one then using vnc client will get you in. Not sure if this was waht you were asking but tightvnc for windows worked fro me until I decided to put the harddrive in and do multiboot instead. Now that I have Fedora working I am gonna setup a different computer headless and VNC into it to control and administer it.
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    Hi Hiko,

    I actually want almost just the opposite, I want just the head!

    Basically I want the X server to use the videocards in a 2nd machine to display more desktop without just SSHing back across the network... I'm not sure if this is even possible, but I remember reading it might be.


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    basically a server and thin cliant setup?

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    Yeah, kinda, basically you had a machine running Xwindows, but it's screen was taken over by a remote machine, and (this was cool) the remote video card/screen were just entered in XF86config like any other video card... as long as the client/server was running xinit would find the remote screen and span the desktop across it.

    Maybe it piped PCI traffic across a net connection...

    I've been playing with stuff like:
    xcalc -display

    which launches xcalc on a remote machine, but the "display" variable encompases keyboard, screen, and mouse... I just want the display piped...


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