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    terminal transparancy or putting a background on a terminal

    how do i put a background picture on a terminal or make it transparent.

    for example, the terminal on DSL. Something like that.

    also, does transparancy things require anything tough, like a fast processor.
    terminal transparancy would look wicked on my slackware pc.

    any help well appreciated
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    adeklets or gdesklets will do this for you i believe. as for the terminal... you can do this with Eterm without any other things needed to be insalled.

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    it depends on the terminal, I don't think xterm does it, with aterm and multi-aterm there are transparency and tinting options that you can use when you open the terminal, use "man aterm" to figure out how to invoke them. ALso, the gnome-terminal, if you are on slack, has easy to configure transparency, tinting, and even seperate terminal backgrounds in the profile optoins.
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    Depends on which terminal your using... I think gnome-terminal, Eterm, aterm and konsole all supports pseudo transparency (using a part of the backdrop as background in terminal). Real transparency needs some tinkering with transset, not done it myself.

    Pseudo transparency may require some CPU power yeah, on my box konsole seems to update every second and aterm updates when I finish moving the window.

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