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    Do I need to run my windows manager?

    Do I need to run my windows manager before I run KDE and if not is how do i stop it (shut it down) I have TWM installed

    Also what is the best Windows manager out there??

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    ok, alot of questions in there.

    You need to run X before your window manager, what distro do you have?

    If you set


    to default to runlevel 5

    it should startup for you

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    there is no "best" window manager. I use GNOME so this list is a bit skewed.
    Sawfish: used to be sawmill. Lots of extensibility through a lisp scripting interface. Bloat-a-licious.
    Metacity: GNOME2 only. Really functional, rather small footprint. Not a lot of configurability, but my every day WM.
    Enlightenment: I can't figure out how to use it effectively enough to keep it around too long, that is just me.
    Kwm: I haven't used it much, but it seems to be rather solid, and fits into KDE well.
    twm: classic. If you get used to it, it is actually quite usable.
    WindowMaker: This is what I "grew up" on. Good ideas, good docking program. Not a whole lot of docking programs though.

    Those are all the ones I have used. Here are ones I haven't used but have heard about:
    fluxbox (similar to blackbox)
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