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    Open file dialog

    The format of the open file dialog is different from application to application. Sometimes it is what I believe is the standard in KDE (which is what I use), with a row of icons at the top, a list of locations at the left (Desktop, Home folder, Storage media and Network folders), and the files to the right. Sometimes it is different: no icons at the top, a list to the left where, in addition to the default locations (Home, Desktop, File system), I can add favorite folders, which will be present for all the applications that use this dialog format. At the top, there is a row of buttons which correspond to the folder herarchy of the currently open folder (e.g. "Home", "Documents", etc).
    I vastly prefer the second version - the favorite folders feature is nice, and I don't need all those buttons anyway. Is there a way to force all applications to use that interface? I assume it is some kind of Gnome default or something?

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    It can depend. For example, that particular one, I do believe, is the GTK2 open file dialog. There is a different one for GTK, Qt, Java (though Java can be wrapped in GTK or the like), etc.

    My guess is "No", simply because, again, each is using a different library. So yeah.

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    Thanks for your reply. At least I know about the GTK2 thing...

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