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    Changing Window Manager...

    I am still kind of confused on how to change a window manager.

    I am using KDE desktop and I would like to switch to a different window manager. Something really light weight because I play Quake III and it looks like KDE takes way to much resource, I mean machine is dual boot and it runs way faster on Windows then Linux, so there got to be a problem somewhere and I think it is KDE hogging up memory.

    So how would I change to a different window manager?

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    I don't know what other window managers come with 7.3, but I'm guessing KDE, Gnome and icewm. Icewm is really light, when you go to log on does it give you the option of selecting your session? If so, and if icewm is installed, I'd give that a try.

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    Install a wm of your choice and create a .xsession file in your home folder with the following lines
    xterm &
    exec fluxbox
    Replace fluxbox with the one you have installed. Make sure the file is executable.
    If you now select default from session menu you should get that wm.


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