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    Custom GNOME login screen

    How do I customize my GNOME login screen. As far as I know, it is difficult to play around with GNOME's settings so Im not sure I can. Any help?

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    A Hint

    The Gnome login screen is normaly taken care of by GDM.

    The command is "gdmsetup".

    Other than the direct command, if I remember correctly it's somewhere in Gnome options.
    Login manager or something.

    Anyway the file that interest you here is "etc/gdm/gdm.conf"

    Make sure you have installed "gdm-themes".

    I wish I could be more precise, I don't have a linux box near (well 2, but no GUI or X installed).

    But in Gnome (for GDM) as in KDE (for KDM), Session Manager is always part of the options.
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    You can also download new themes from or, I belive they can be installed in gdmsetup by drag&drop

    If you mean the splash screen, I remember I replaced it before by replacing s special file which name I can't remember, thought the newer versions of gnome might have a tool for changing splash (Can't remember it in other OSs than freebsd)

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