This may sound noobish, but I really couldn't find any information anywhere.

The thing is, I use double-height taskbar, so I can normally view all running applications, and my quicklaunch is in two rows also. Started using that on Windows and never went back to single-row-height taskbar.

The problem (well, a minor glitch) with such layout in KDE is that application buttons are arranged in columns rather then rows. In Windows, the second app button appears on the right side of the first. When there's too many apps running, they wrap in the second row. In KDE, the second goes right beneath the first one, and the third goes in first row, on the right side of the app1.

While this doesn't actually kill me, it still bothers me. I'm very much used to horizontal arrangement, and where I come from, we read left-to-right, not up-down, so it would feel more natural.

Any setting to tweak this?

Best regards