Well when I installed Suse 10.0 they gave me the 7676 drivers. Well they were working fine with every thing, temps were good, graphics looked good every thing. Well then I installed Battlefield 1942 with Cedega. I was having some graphic problems and a friend of mine told me to isntall the 7167 drivers. Well I did and that was when every thing went wrong. The driver was unstalling its self every times I rebooted or shutdown and I kept on having to reinstall it. So I tried installing the 7676 drivers that came with Suse 10. Well they said they installed, but they didn't. They did not work. Then I couldn't even find them in Yast online up date. So I had no GUI at all. So I installed the 7167 drivers again just to get back into GUI and I downloaded the 7676 drivers from Nvidia site. I unstalled the 7167 drivers and installed the 7676 drivers. Well I didn't get know Nvidia logo but that was fine because I didn't even get it with the 7167 drivers, last time I did was when I had the ones from Suse. Well now every time I restart X the temps of my 6800GT go up 20c, from 61c to 80c. Now I don't even get that high when I play UT2004, I only get up to 75c when I play UT2004. Now only way I can get them to go back to 61c is when I reboot my computer. Not shutdown, not log off, but reboot. This happens every time I restart X, when I log off or lock my computer. Well after that started I unstalled them and installed the 7667 drivers, same thing, then isntalled the 7167 drivers again, same thing. Then I was able to install the ones from Suse again. No logo and guess what? The same thing still happens.

Why is it now every time I restart X my temps go up 20c? Is it thinking I'm running a game or somthing? Please help me. I tried going to Nvidia IRC channel and they didn't even reply back, I tried 20 times with them, nothing. I really don't want to install Suse all over again, I don't want to back up every thing and have to start all over again because I don't have time to do that all over again. So please can some one help me sad.gif