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    I have tried to install and run both Conectiva and RedHat 9, both install fine I guess...yet once I login and try to get to the GUI, I type in "startx" (without the quotes) like a good little boy, yet in redhat(e) it gives me a big long error, and in Conectiva, it just makes the command prompt 1/4 screen size and the rest of the screen is taken up by a grey thing and the cursor is an X...what do I do????

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    Try running XF86Config and make sure your screen and video are properly configured...
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    What is that and how would I run it? Sorry, other than downloading and installing distros im a complete newbie to linux......

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    login, and instead of typing startx type XF86Config.


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    Thanks, I'll try that, I'll keep you posted, thanks.

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    Yay, it works, it wasnt that, I reinstalled after putting in each of the other 3 discs at startup, this time it INSTALLED the GUI...

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