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    Can't export X desktop from Suse + Kde to Win2K box


    The situation: KDE on Suse running on box A. Win2K on box B. I want to export the desktop session from box A to box B. Specifically, I want the entire desktop to appear on my Win2K box when I fire up X-win32. I have thrown my hands up trying to figure this one out. None of the docs online speak about Suse specifically. It is absolutely impenitrable.

    I did this with a RedHat box, no prob. Suse? I'm stumped.

    Please help!


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    first, export your DISPLAY variable to the windows IP address like this:
    `export DISPLAY=` then run the session you want, like `gnome-session` or `kde-session` (I am not sure about the second one, i don't use KDE). You can also run single programs like `xdm` the x display manager, that will allow that computer to log people in like usual, `xterm` that will present a terminal application on the windows XDesktop, etc.
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