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    Cannot Remove | Uninstall Gnome .....

    For reasons best not mentioned I need to reinstall X from scratch.

    I figured that before doing this I would clean out gnome and kde (gnome started these problems so a fresh install of that would be good).

    I have tried the famous:-

    'whereis' gnome which gave me:-


    then rpm -qa gnome

    returned a big long list of files.

    So I next (possibly lethal this but I really don't know) tried

    rpm -e --allmatches --test gnome

    which said "package gnome is not installed"

    ok so I tried:-

    rpm -e --allmatches --test gnome*

    returned the same thing ...

    Ok - so I search the gnome site (seemed a sensible place) and google but only found unanswered questions.

    I KNOW gnome is on the system but what is the safe way to go and remove things.

    I could try

    rpm -qa gnome | grep gnome > gnomeFiles.txt

    and then pipe this as input for rpm -e ........ with a nodeps option set but this seems to be asking for a ton of trouble.

    Can gnome be removed at all ... ?

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    I tried this once a while ago and didn't get anywhere with it. My workaround was to wait until I tried a new distro and then choose to not install gnome.
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    you could just wipe the hd and then reinstall.^_^
    Thanks v much

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad_red_hatter
    you could just wipe the hd and then reinstall.^_^
    Yup! That always works !
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