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    KDE + GNome problems

    KDE is starting to drive me mad ! Everything on the desktop in KDE will appear when i log into gnome as a separate shortcut or file. This means that i currently have 2 trashcans on my desktop, 2 home folders (one that opens with the GNOME browse, and one that opens in Konqueror). If i delete the extra trashcan + folder, than they won't appear in KDE anymore.

    Also if i place a file on the desktop in GNOME and then delete it, a fake version on the file appears in KDE. For example i had a file named homework.txt saved on the desktop in GNOME, and i deleted it. Now i have a file called homework.txt~ I renamed it to homework.txt by taking off the ~ and found it to be a copy of the deleted file with a few weird symbols in it.

    Also GNOME has some icons in the applications menu that won't get displayed and just appear as blank spaces. In KDE, however, the icons seem to exist (all my Open office icons are just a few that do this).

    Why do i have theses incompatibilites inbeween GNOME and KDE, and how do i solve them??? Thanks in advance for any assitance.

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    the way to solve it is to completely uninstall KDE.

    no, seriously, fedora doesn't seem to like KDE that much. so there are often many more problems in KDE than there are on GNOME in fedora.

    for the menu, edit it with an application called smeg.
    for the mirrored desktops problem, i've heard that the solution is something like having to create another 'Desktop' file for kde to seperate them.
    the 'homework.txt~' is a copy of the old homework.txt file before you changed it. whenever you change a file(eg <file>), the old one becomes <file>~

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    Thanks, for the advice. However, I would prefer not to uninstall KDE, and would rather take the multiple desktop folder approach, except i'm not sure how to do that. Once i create a new folder, called lets say KDE Desktop, how do i tell KDE to use that folder for its desktop?

    also, how do i find the application smeg?

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    kcmshell desktoppath can change where KDE's desktop is.

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    I'm sorry, but i'm still new to linux and i'm afraid that i don't understand what you are saying. is this kcmshell desktoppath located in the terminal or can i acces it in a GUI? Either way how would i reach this program?

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    kcmshell desktoppath
    into a terminal.

    Smeg -

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    Thanks everyone, i have succesfully fixed the icons problem with your help

    now, does anyone know how to fix my problems with icons (descibed earlier)?

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    Just a follow up on my question. If any newbie is disturbed by the fact that icons for specific programs do not show on their application menu (in Fedora Core 4) i found that rebooting the computer helped fix some of the icons, and otherwise a complete update of the system using yum made all my icons appear on the application menu.

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