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Thread: X Tunnelling

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    X Tunnelling

    From home, I am running Windows XP, but for school, we do all our programming assignments in Linux. Of course, being lazy, I want to be able to do my assignments at home. (And yes, I do have Linux at home, but I have neither the time nor the knowhow to adminiister it.) This is provided somewhat in this fashion:
    I telnet (SSHing also works) to the general web/FTP server (SunOS 5.8, whatever the heck that is), then from there I SSH to a linux machine where I can access files on my account and work like I would normally, except that (obviously), there's no X session. If I'm feeling REALLY lazy, I'll do this and then program with VIM (blech!).

    What I'ld really like to do is perform some X tunnelling to the second machine So mine is a two part question:
    1. Can I do this? I.e., do X tunnelling through TWO machines? If so, how?
    2. What's a good X client for Windows? Free would be preferred, but if a nonfree product will do a substantially better job, that's okay. Also, Cygwin has always been a bit of a pill to install, so any other suggestions would be great.


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    ssh -X
    to allow X Tunneling.

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    You can get Cygwin for a free Xserver on Windows, but that will probably also solve part of your problem....

    Although to be completely honest having 'neither the time or know-how' to 'administer' a desktop machine sounds more like 'i want the linux forum to help me avoid installing linux on my machine' a dual boot would make your life alot easier..... but w/e
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