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Thread: Openbox Dock

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    Openbox Dock

    Hey all. I've switched to Openbox recently (I LOVE it), but I've got a question with configuring my dock.

    In my rc.xml, I found the following section:
    Now, I want my dock in the bottom right corner. So naturally, I changed the position tag to "BottomRight". However, even after running Reconfigure, this didn't fix my Dock (my "wmxkb -wmode docked" command still put it in the upper-left).

    And for the record, "DownRight" doesn't work either.

    Since the Openbox site has almost no documentation on this file, how can I change my dock location?

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    I'm running openbox atm too

    I'm not using any dockapps atm, but according to obconf, the dock can be placed in the "Bottom Right", try that

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    Yeah, try obconf to configure and see what it puts into rc.xml. That's how I got my dock working how I wanted.
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