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    Does anybody use "Fluxspace" anymore?

    I find myself asking this question from time to time and after running a few different search's on these and other forums it would appear as if support for this unique app is at an all time low. In fact after checking out the web site I'm left wondering what this app would look like in action, with the lack of screen shots and all. In fact, I don't think that I have actually read a success story of any kind, which leads me to wonder, what's the deal? After I read the list of features on the site I began to think to myself of this apps true potential and functionality. I can definitely see how using an app like this can make managing day to day tasks much more efficient. So anyway, I guess my question is;

    If there is in fact anyone out there who uses "fluxspace", can they confirm it's capabilities?

    Also, if people are not using fluxspace, or maybe they tried it and decided to go with a different app that gave them the same results, what app would that be?? it available in the portage tree??

    I kind of like the idea of being able to divide my day to day tasks among separate workspaces. For instance if I were to have my system divided among four workspaces I think it would probably be like this:

    WS1=Internet/ email/ chat
    WS2=Office related
    WS3=Multimedia(audio & video)
    WS4=Developing/ programming/ testing/ logging

    Something like that, but anyway if anybody can answer these questions and/or give me a little insight into what other options there may be other than fluxspace I would appreciate it, thanx .

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    do you mean fluxBOX?
    never heard of fluxspace

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    I've never used it, for the simple purpose that I don't use multiple desktops. For desktop icons, you can always use iDesk, but hey, I don't even like desktop icons.

    And the_guy_etc., Fluxspace is a sort of desktop that combines Rox with Fluxbox to enable all sorts of desktopy things.

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